Top Ten Songs: The Killers


Somebody told me that Hot Fuss is turning ten this weekend, and I can’t believe all these things that I’ve done since it was released. And who would’ve thought a decade ago that The Killers would be on top of the music world, selling out shows across 5 continents and headlining every festival known to man. Are you a Killers superfan, or did you change your mind around album three or four? Well, I always look on the bright side, and every album has a lot to offer. Here are the ten songs I think represent the best work that The Killers have released.

10. My List

9. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf


7. I Can’t Stay

6. Miss Atomic Bomb

5. Mr. Brightside

4. Show You How

3. Losing Touch

2. All These Things That I’ve Done

1. Read My Mind