A Day In The Country At The Hideout June 22nd


The Hideout always has cool shows and events going on, and next Sunday is no exception. A day-long festival celebrating all varieties of country music, featuring a bunch of Chicago bands and a couple out-of-towners. The fest also features some of Chicago’s finest culinary establishments, including Bang Bang Pie and County BBQ. For the low cost of $10 you get music running from 2pm until 11pm with built-in fifteen minute breaks between each set so you have time to run and grab some grub and a Lagunitas.

The whole thing is presented by Lawrence Peters, and his band The Lawrence Peters Outfit takes the stage at 6pm. They specialize in that 50’s-style country, a mix of honky tonk and folk, that has inspired a ton of current artists (most notably Conor Oberst on every album since I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning).

Other acts: Sanctified Grumblers, who I could imagine playing a barn dance in the mid-19th century. Chandelier Swingers, which sounds like a raucous band but actually supplies a nice mix of country and jazz to create what I think is referred to as California Country, or beach country. The Lantern Kickers, who headline the night, are a bit more traditional country. They feature a lot of harmonies and strings to bring that old-timey feel to their work.

Tickets for the day can be purchased in advance HERE.