Circulatory System at Pitchfork

20140719-144448-53088143.jpgWill Cullen Hart’s Circulatory System is working just fine after a long hiatus. After just releasing their first new album in five years the band seemed eager to please but never left their droney comfort zone. The new material, maybe a tribute to Hart’s fallen partner in Olivia Tremor Control Bill Doss, all sounded great.

They relied on everything from pots and pans to clarinet and xylophone to recreate the sounds of their albums and they did it with fantastic zeal. Hart seemed to get more animated toward the end of the set, but my favorite moment was during “Lonely Universe” when he sang “Funny what a century means to the youngest rock on the shore.” He’s always been a vividly imaginative songwriter, and the visuals and ideas he creates are sometimes awe-inspiring.

They didn’t play “Forever” and no one from Neutral Milk Hotel joined them, but it was a very enjoyable set.

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