Dum Dum Girls at Pitchfork

Photo by Kari Terzino for Music.Defined.
Photo by Kari Terzino for Music.Defined.

Maybe not as exciting as Perfect Pussy or Schoolboy Q, Dum Dum Girls certainly delivered the coolest set of the day. The group came out in their traditional all black everything, including Dee Dee in black fishnets, miniskirt and mesh top with sunglasses as dark as death itself. They couldn’t have looked more hip if they were smoking cigarettes in leather jackets while jumping motorcycles through flaming hoops.

They kicked into some songs off their latest LP Too True, and the crowd cheered with appropriate emthusiasm but not too much so they didn’t seem like they cared too much. There weren’t any mushers or crowd surfers, but there were a lot of pleased faces and singing along.

Despite another run of delays on the Blue Stage, the music sounded good and crisp. Even in Dum Dum Girls style, which mixes the vocals only slightly higher than the rest of the instruments, you could make out every word.

Had to bail early to get a good spot for Schoolboy Q’s set. Glad we did because we ended up witnessing some jerk off kids knock over a port-a-potty with someone inside so they could break into the festival. Security rounded up a bunch of them and if it had been me in that port-a-potty there’d be hell to pay.

Bunch of savages in this town.

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