Schoolboy Q at Pitchfork

The Man Of The Year rapper managed to match the energy of Perfect Pussy’s frantic 23-minute set for the duration of his almost hour-long performance. Starting with hits off the new record including “Hands on The Wheel,” the crowd sang along from beginning to end. He hit the big ones with “Collard Greens,” “Studio,” and closer “Man Of The Year.”

I was impressed with the energy level he was able to sustain throughout with only a couple short breaks to get a drink of water. He bounced up and down from one side of the stage to the other, getting the audience to jump right with him. The last time I saw a hip-hop crowd that ferocious was a Lollapalooza after show that Chance The Rapper opened for Childish Gambino in 2012. The Chicago crowd went nuts for their hometown boy at The Vic, and today they had much live for their new favorite son from the bay area.

Earl Sweatshirt was on hand, dancing on the side of the stage with his Odd Future cohort Domo. They never came out to collab on a track, and neither did Kendrick Lamar. Still a great set, though.

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