Ezra Furman-Ferguson’s Burning

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty

Ferguson, Missouri continues to be a hotbed of racial animosity as the townspeople have been forced to live under martial law by a police force made up almost exclusively of white men. This started last week when one of their fraternal order shot and killed an unarmed, black, 18 year old young man named Michael Brown. The details have been slow to come out, but for now we know that Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, and before the police would release the name of the officer that shot him, they sent him away on paid leave. The media’s handling of the situation would be laughable if it weren’t so rage-inducing. Luckily there are some brave souls on the ground there that have been doing a remarkable job of reporting, mostly via Twitter, under the most strenuous of conditions. The cops literally put them in a small cordoned off area and told them if they leave they’ll be arrested. 

Now another brave soul, he of the musical world, has released a protest song that will hopefully become an anthem for those that seek justice as they’re being pelted with tear gas canisters and rubber bullets. It’s Chicago’s own Ezra Furman, with “Ferguson’s Burning,” and it’s the most important song to come out this year.

Here’s a list of people you should follow on Twitter who are risking their freedom to report on the scene: @jonswaine @mattdpearce @ryanjreilly @mollyhf @WesleyLowery

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