In Tall Buildings-“Flare Gun”


I first saw In Tall Buildings at Saki Records on Fullerton a couple years ago where he was playing a set for Record Store Day. There were a bunch of great bands playing, but Erik Hall stole the show with very little effort. He ripped through a handful of songs with just himself and a drummer and created more compelling sounds than the previous band that featured at least 8 members. Hall’s guitar wasn’t so much an instrument as an extension of his mind, thrashing out whatever frenzy was in his brain. After that performance, I checked out his self-titled debut record from 2010. It’s a brilliant piece of music that’s had us all waiting for the follow-up for years.

In February that new album will finally see the light of day, and Western Vinyl has just released the first single from Driver.  

You can pre-order Driver here.

As a bonus, here’s a video I took of that performance at Saki where In Tall Buildings covers Neil Young.

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