Ranking Alpha Mike Foxtrot-The Best Of Wilco’s B Sides, Rarities, And Live Collection

10. “Thanks I Get”
Recorded during the Sky Blue Sky sessions, used in a Volkswagen ad and then released as part of an EP during the SBS tour.
9. “Blasting Fonda”
The last track on the “Outtasite (Outta Mind)” single in 1997.
8. “Student Loan Stereo”
The b-side to 1999’s “Can’t Stand It” from Summerteeth
7. “Dark Neon”
The bonus track on 2009’s Wilco Album featuring percussion by Feist
6. “Old Maid”
Taken from the 2003 album You Can Never Go Fast Enough, a tribute to Monte Hellman’s 1971 classic Two-Lane Blacktop
5. “At Least That’s What You Said (Live”
My favorite Wilco track to hear at a show, and this version doesn’t disappoint.
4. “She’s A Jar (Austin Demo Version)”
A different take on Summerteeth‘s best song
3. “Someone Else’s Song (Demo)”
Tweedy alone, recording a demo for what would become Wilco’s double album Being There.
2. “Glad It’s Over”
Another one from Sky Blue Sky sessions. This track featured on the soundtrack of the show Heroes.
1. “The T.B. Is Whipping Me”
Cover of Ernest Tubbs song, originally released on Red Hot + Country, an AIDS benefit album.

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