Top 10 Concerts Of 2014

2014/12/img_1714.jpgWe’re not quite to the end of 2014, but my concert calendar is empty and I don’t plan on hitting any more shows. It’s been a great year, with lots of big acts making their way through Chicago. Some smaller acts make the list as well, but in my mind they should be way more popular so consider this a heads up: If you aren’t already listening to them, you should be.

Side note: Four of these videos were shot by me, and one features me for a brief moment. Can you guess which ones are which?

10. Wilco At The Riviera 12/11/14

9. Deltron 3030 At Block 37 8/2/2014

8. Jameson Presents The Best Fest, Pettyfest At Metro 4/23/2014

7. Blake Mills At Mayne Stage 9/28/2014

6. Smith Westerns At Lincoln Hall 12/23/2014 (final show)
5. Beck At Pitchfork 7/18/2014

4. Josh Ritter At City Winery

3. Justin Timberlake At United Center 2/16/2014

2. Run The Jewels At Lacuna Lofts

1. Stevie Wonder At United Center 11/14/2014

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