Landlady-“Under The Yard” (VIDEO)


When Adam Schatz isn’t playing a million different instruments recording and on the road with the band Man Man, he’s fronting his own project called Landlady. Over the summer they put out a new record called Upright Behavior you may have missed. It’s filled with a lot of the same absurdity and distinctive sound that’s made many a music lover fall in love with Man Man, but Schatz puts his own spin on things. Take, for example, this video for Landlady’s song “Under The Yard.”

If you dig that, head over to the group’s Bandcamp page and take a listen to their album. You can purchase the music directly from them, either on compact disc ($12), vinyl ($16), or digital ($10). They currently have a few dates set, including a show here in Chicago at Lincoln Hall on Friday, January 16th for the Tomorrow Never Knows Festival (opening for Hamilton Leithauser).