In Tall Buildings-“Cry Bawl Wail”

This morning brought the release of the second single off Driver, the new album from Chicago’s In Tall Buildings. We still have about a month before we get to hear the whole thing, but “Flare Gun” and “Bawl Cry Wail” give us a little peek at what’s in store.

While the first single had a synth-pop vibe beneath the dreamy ambience, “Cry Bawl Wail” goes for full-on other-worldliness. The track finds a lot in common with 2014 albums like Beck’s Morning Phase and Kurt Vile’s Walking On A Pretty Daze. It’s slow tempo creeps into your head and doesn’t let go. The repetitive strum of Hall’s guitar gives you something solid to hold on to as the chaos of synths and harmonies takes control.

You can pre-order Driver on iTunes here, or grab it on wax from Western Vinyl. In Tall Buildings will be playing a release show on March 5th at Schubas. Get tickets here.

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