Dunn Dunn Fest 2/19-2/21/2015

2015/01/img_2352.pngIt’s almost that time of year again. No, not National Cheesecake Day. That’s Thursday July 30th. I’m talking about Dunn Dunn Fest, one of the best music festivals in Chicago. Head of the class if you’re talking indoor venues. Lots of great local bands from all genres are joined by fantastic touring acts. One of which I’m particularly excited about.

When I went up to Toronto last year for their Urban Roots Festival, one band was talked about more than any other. July Talk is the hottest up-and-coming band out of Canada, and Harmonica Dunn has booked them for opening night of his festival at Subterranean. They’ve opened for some big acts stateside, so it’ll be nice to see them appear as headliners. They have a crazy energy about them that instantly grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go until well after they’ve left the stage.

And they’re not the only awesome act playing the fest. Not even close. Just on that first night there are shows at Hideout and Beat Kitchen I would also recommend.

On Saturday the 20th you can head out to Fitzgerald’s for The Westies and Charlie Parr. If you’re in a more excitable mood, hit up Hideout for local rockers Save The Clocktower.

Sunday presents a pretty clear must-see-at least from my view. Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds should not be missed. They’re at Beat Kitchen with Larkin Poe.

Here’s the full schedule:
02/19/15 @ Subterranean – July Talk, Mutts, The Traveling Suitcase
02/19/15 @ Beat Kitchen – Chris Bathgate
02/19/15 @ The Hideout – Luke Winslow-King, Michele McGuire, Kory Quinn
02/19/15 @ FitzGerald’s Nightclub – Dead River Revival
02/19/15 @ Tonic Room – Chicago Funk Mafia, Catfish & The Dogstars
02/20/15 @ Subterranean – Bailiff, Buffalo Killers, The Go Rounds
02/20/15 @ Beat Kitchen – Evergreen Grass Band, Flatland Harmony Experience
02/20/15 @ Schubas Tavern – Genevieve
02/20/15 @ FitzGerald’s Nightclub – The Westies, Charlie Parr
02/20/15 @ The Hideout – Save The Clocktower, Divino Niño, Quinn Tsan
02/20/15 @ Tonic Room – After Funk, Candlefish, Rusty Gates
02/21/15 @ Subterranean – IndigoSun, Sun Stereo
02/21/15 @ Beat Kitchen – Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, Larkin Poe
02/21/15 @ FitzGerald’s Nightclub – TBA
02/21/15 @ Tonic Room – SPREAD, Brown Bag

Check out Harmonica Dunn’s website for tickets to all of these shows, plus all the other amazing concerts he puts together.

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