Molehill-Tin God EP

IMG_2464It’s been almost three years to the day since Molehill released their debut LP, Equinox. There have been a few singles and covers put out between then and now, but Tin God is their first offering of more than one or two tracks in a long time (they’re simultaneously releasing a live EP recorded at Metro in Chicago). They say good things come to those that wait, and if you’ve been anticipating some new Molehill you’re in for a treat.

The band posted the opening track, “The Repeating” on Indie Shuffle a couple weeks ago, and it’s a great intro to the sound they’re working with. Everything in this collection is bigger and heavier than what you’ve heard from them before. The influences they’ve built around are still there: the brit-rock of Muse and Arctic Monkeys, the heavy bass beats of Thundercat, tied together with a synth-dance vibe you may remember from their song “I Hope You’re Happy.”

The production is much cleaner on the new album, making for slick-sounding radio-friendly cuts one after the other. The biggest change comes in how much Peter Manhart’s guitar is placed front and center. He’s always been an excellent player, but he’s pushing his skills to another level here.

On “Gain Green” they have one of those “whoa-oh-oh” choruses that’s all the rage right now. That part is all well and good, but the wailing solo that Manhart delivers coming out of it is incendiary. The kind of solo that leaps out of the speakers and takes a giant bite out of your brain.

Lyrics for the title track are probably my favorite on the record “I’ll play this game, as long as you let me get away with everything. We’re both the same, but I’ll make you believe that you are less than me.” The words are backed up by music that finds a balance between the frivolity of Vampire Weekend and the heavy pounding of Metallica. It follows the trend set earlier by taking a more bold course on Tin God, and it works very well here.

I was ecstatic to come to the end of this EP and think to myself “This is what Molehill has been building towards during the four years I’ve been a fan.” I can’t wait to hear all these songs live at the album release party happening March 7th at Bottom Lounge. You don’t have to wait that long to get it in your ears, though. Tin God will be available February 10th, but you can pre-order here.

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