SxSw Send-off For Chicago Bands At Bottom Lounge 3/7/2015


There’s a party going down at Bottom Lounge this Saturday, and it’s gonna be a great time. 4 Chicago bands will be playing their last sets in town before heading down to Austin, TX for the South By Southwest music festival. Molehill will be headlining the night, and they’ll be joined by some of my favorite acts: The Future Laureates, Vintage Blue, and Steve Stone.

I actually tried to set up almost the same lineup for a show I put together at The Empty Bottle, but schedules weren’t working out for us. Vintage Blue and The Future Laureates have played together once or twice, so really this show is just getting the gang together for one last score. I’m glad they booked this in a venue as big as Bottom Lounge, because each of these groups have a very large following in the area, and I’m hoping I walk into a packed house.

I sat down with Trevor and Peter from Molehill yesterday at Longman & Eagle in Logan Square. The food was delicious, but I was more interested in the conversation we were having. I recorded the whole thing and put it up so everyone can hear.

I’ve posted interviews with Vintage Blue and The Future Laureates as well, but those were both done quite a while ago, so they won’t tell you much about the bands today. The Future Laureates put out a great EP last year called Here And After. Vintage Blue also released an EP, No Going Back, which builds on their strong debut full-length Strike The Mics. Steve Stone, the opener and one heck of a guitar player, has a new release coming out this spring. He just released a new single in January.

Tickets are going fast, so go get yours now by following this link! Only $10 for all this great music!

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