Amen Dunes-“Song To The Siren”

Photo by: Tuomas Kopijakko
Photo by: Tuomas Kopijakko

Forget the fact that it’s a cover of a cover and enjoy, for a moment, the majestic beauty that is the Amen Dunes version of “Song To The Siren.” The song has been done by a lot of great artists (Bryan Ferry, Robert Plant, and This Mortal Coil), but it’s best known as the Tim Buckley tune from the album Starsailor. Damon McMahon’s version gives it a kind of quiet urgency that others overlook.

The track is haunting, with the guitar making an almost middle eastern sound and the vocals echoing out for what seems like forever. You can hear more songs like this on Cowboy Worship, the band’s 2014 release. You can also come see them in Chicago on April 1st at Schubas.

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