The Bots At Schubas 3/26/2015


Last night I had the pleasure of seeing a couple great rock bands, and missed a third that I’m sure was also great. Bloods Band opened the show with the kind of charm that can win over an audience after only a couple songs. They play a mix of bubblegum pop and garage rock reminiscent of Dum Dum Girls Only In Dreams album, with the same use of harmonies and driving rhythm riffs. The 45 minute set seemed to take them by surprise, and they struggled a bit to fill the time. They kept it light and breezy, smiling throughout and the crowd stuck with them, applauding wildly after every “last song,” of which there were four. If you’d like to hear their music for yourself, you’re in luck-Minty Fresh is releasing their full-length on April 21st! Click here for more info.

I came to the show specifically for The Bots set, which was between Bloods Band and The Preatures. The Lei brothers took the stage with the kind of boisterous fun you’d expect from two teens making the music they love. Anaiah Lei laid down the opening beat on the drums while Mikaiah danced across the stage before blasting into a great instrumental jam that introduced the spectators to their sound. 


Drawing comparisons to The White Stripes and The Black Keys, for obvious reasons, The Bots make the music their own by adding some synth and dance elements to their songs. Mikaiah takes on triple duty as singer, guitarist and keyboard player, as well as hype man. His tall, lanky body moved across the stage with the ferocity of a lion. His guitar crushing powerful blues chords to the Anaiah’s vibrant beat.

If you’re wondering whether The Bots live up to the buzz that’s surrounded them over the past few months, the answer is an emphatic yes. They deliver a fun, loud performance leaving everything out on the stage. Don’t miss them if you get a chance.


Head over to iTunes to pick up a copy of their album Pink Palms.

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