Fury Things/Brilliant Beast Release Split EP


Guilt Ridden Pop sends me music intermittently, and sometimes it’s really good. Such is the case with the new split EP from Minneapolis-based bands Fury Things and Brilliant Beast. While the differences between the two bands are many, hearing them back to back isn’t off-putting. Rather, it’s quite interesting to hear the fast garage-punk of Fury Things clashing with the shoegaze-y lushness of Brilliant Beast. This is how a split EP should be, really. Two totally different styles coming together for one piece.

“Some Things” and “Summer Bummer” by Fury Things bring out the big guitars early and often with Kyle Werstein cuttin’ heads all over the place. The songs were written and performed in short order, and the urgency and freshness is palpable. “Some Things” was attempted only once, and that live energy is maintained even on repeat listens. “Summer Bummer” is a bit more polished. The harmonized vocals throughout add a texture that makes it a more interesting listen than just a straightforward jam may have been.

Brilliant Beast tracks “No Fate” and “Heaven” (Talking Heads cover) feel a bit more chill, but Eric Whalen’s drums would likely disagree. Brother and sister duo Jordan and Hannah Porter front the band and trade off vocal duties on “Heaven.” Hannah holds the lead on “No Fate,” with a hypnotic bass drone backing her up throughout. It’s a heady groove perfect for a garage-psych fan. The last minute is all glam guitar rock at its best.

“Heaven” slows things down like the band is playing covered in molasses. The slower tempo provides a dream-like sound that betrays David Byrne’s original tune. The music does most of the heavy lifting instead of the vocals, and it works quite well.

You can download the 4-song EP for free on Brilliant Beast bandcamp page.