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Young Jesus Resurrected In Time For Easter


 It’s been a lot longer than three days, but Young Jesus has come back to life more powerful than ever with their new record Grow/Decompose out in May. The Chicago band has been on hiatus for quite a while, with members working on other projects like Bummer and 90 Pounds Of Pete. The first songs have become available and I’m sharing them with you now. Take these songs, for they are my ears (last Jesus reference-promise!).

The first is “EMP,” which opens the album. It’s a slow, brooding acoustic number that fans will quickly recognize as Young Jesus of old. John Rossiter’s voice hasn’t changed much, except maybe in the willingness to let it all go. His wailing toward the end of the track reminds me of Glen Hansard in a way. And I like that instead of ending with the vocals, the song lingers with the guitar playing to give you a little time to think about what you’ve heard.

This second part is a video for the album that Rossiter animated. An instrumental trailer for the record announcing the return of the band. 

Another single will be released at the end of April, ahead of the May 13th album release. I’ll be reviewing it in full somewhere closer to then. For now, just enjoy the fact that your faith paid off and the second coming is upon us.

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