CIMM Fest Day 2 Highlights


 Day 2 of the 7th annual CIMM Fest brings my most anticipated movie of 2015-not Avengers nor Star Wars, I’m talking about Rain The Color Blue With A Little Red In It. This sub-Saharan homage to the Prince classic Purple Rain has my mind abuzz with all the amazing possibilities. It plays late (11:20), so make sure you take a nap early evening so you’re fresh. Logan Theatre, 2646 N Milwaukee Ave.


Revenge Of The Mekons has two showings on this night, one at 6:45pm and one at  7pm. Both are taking place at Logan Theatre and the second will be followed by a Q&A featuring Jon Langford, Sally Timms, and director Joe Angio. If you’re super interested in the film, the Gene Siskel Film Center is hosting a panel about the making and distribution of the doc at 1:30pm 164 N State Street.

Some of the Julien Temple (this year’s Badass Award winner) retrospective will be shown at Society For The Arts 1112 N Milwaukee Ave. Dave Davies: Kinkdom Come is playing at 7, followed by Ray Davies: Imaginary Man at 8:55. Temple will do Q&A’s after each.

The great doc about the 808 drum machine, 808: The Movie, plays at 9pm at Logan Theatre, followed by a Q&A with Hank Shocklee that should be pretty interesting and a lot of fun. I saw the film earlier this week, and I really enjoyed it. Check out my review here.

Of course there will also be a ton of great music tomorrow. My top choice would be the Bailiff show at Double Door, which also features Detroit’s Jamaican Queens plus Sidewalk Chalk, My Gold Mask, Smoker, and Fess Grandiose. 

If that’s not your bag, check out The Claidettes and The Cell Phones playing at Emporium 1366 N Milwaukee. Show starts at 9pm.

Tickets for all of these events can be found on the CIMMFest website.

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