The Graveyard Kids-“Bought And Sold”


If Albert Broccoli had selected Red Hot Chili Peppers to write the title sequence song for one of his early 80’s Bond films, it would probably sound a lot like this single from The Graveyard Kids. The throbbing bass mingling with a lush string section of violins, viola, and cello would make perfect sense for Octopussy. It’s sad we never got that song, because “Bought And Sold” proves that it’s a pretty great sound.

The Graveyard Kids are going out on their own terms, releasing one final EP from which this is the single. They’ve been making music together for a few years, making a handful of releases at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen in New York. This tune is one of the very best they’ve done, which makes it harder to see them go, but we’ll always have the music they’ve shared with us on Bandcamp.