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The Luck Of Eden Hall Need Your Help!


Chicago group The Luck Of Eden Hall are experiencing something a lot of Americam bands have over the years: being more appreciated overseas than they are in their native land. Now they have an opportunity to head over to the UK, record a live album in Wales, and play in front of their European fan base. But that costs money so they made a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary $13,500 they need to get there.

With only a week left they’re about five grand short of their goal, so this is the last chance for you to help them achieve their dreams. You’ll be rewarded for your contribution, of course. Everything from limited-run vinyl and t-shirts to getting to choose your own cover for the band to record or a painted Stratocaster.

You can always donate just to donate and refuse any kind of reward, proving that you are (clearly) better than most people because you give without expecting anything in return. Any amount is helpful, but if you’re a super rich head of some agricultural conglomerate, a hefty donation is also tax-deductible so open up the checkbook!

For more info and a list of all rewards, check out the Kickstarter page

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