On a personal note…with Molehill’s Trevor Jones

On A personal Note…. “Machines” by Biffy Clyro – written by Trevor Jones of Molehill
The first song I heard by Biffy Clyro was “Many of Horror” live from T in the Park 2010.  I was intrigued because it is such a beautiful pop song but was being sung by these shirtless Scottish gents who looked like they should be playing music that is much more abrasive. For the next few months, I listened to their last three studio albums (Opposites, Only Revolutions, and Puzzle) obsessively.  Simon Neil’s voice is not polished or trained but is saturated in heart and honesty.  I’ve always been attracted to music that is honest. I don’t care what genre it is or who is performing the music, I just want it to be honest.  
Biffy Clyro’s song “Machines” is direct.  The song doesn’t make you think about the lyrics and interpret them.  They’re there for you to accept or to ignore.  There’s a beauty to submitting to something.  A piece of art, an idea, a person.  Letting your guard down and being vulnerable is something that a person doesn’t experience enough and it’s special when you can find a vehicle that allows you open up even if it’s only to yourself.  I listened to “Machines” a lot during the hangover of a broken relationship and used the song to dig deeper and deeper into a dark place to confront uncomfortable truths.  
Cause I’ve started falling apart, I’m not savoring life
I’ve forgotten how good it could feel to be alive

Take the pieces and build them skywards
The hook simultaneously drags you down to the depths of self pity and leaves you believing that you will move forward – even if you want to stay down in the depths just a bit longer.  
“Machines” appears on Biffy Clyro’s 2007 album Puzzle.  “This is an acoustic song we recorded on the last day in the studio. I wanted the album to end on a positive vibe. No matter what you go through there’s always hope. You can make yourself happy.”  -Simon Neil
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