If nothing else, Dastardly is always prepared to try something different. Originally a great country band, they took a turn a few years ago when they started adding in more jazz elements. They took it all the way with what I think is their best release, Ballads In Bluea short and dreamy concept record they released in July 2012. Now they’re coming back with a new full-length (technically their first) that promises to be another genre-busting good time.

The newest single is called “Sailor,” and it sounds like Gabe Liebowitz finally achieved his dream. Laced with the sexiness of Sade and the implied sadness of Morrissey, the track sparkles and fades in all the right spots to make it a late night partner for long walks in the city. It could also fit in as an end credits song for the new Nicholas Windig Refn movie.

This kind of music requires a bit of restraint to give it that slow, sexy vibe and Andy Taylor’s drumming fits perfectly with this sound. As always, Gabe’s vocals stand out above the rest. He’s always had one of my favorite voices. I like that he’s trying out some new tricks and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

The Hollow is due out July 1st, followed by a release show here in Chicago at Lincoln Hall on July 10th. You can grab tickets for the show here and watch the video for the title track here.

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