Jacco Gardner-You Have The Key (That Opens The Door)


Jacco Gardner has a great new album out called Hypnophobia, which I’ve mentioned on this page previously. Yesterday a new track was released completely unrelated to the album. It’s a warm, hazy instrumental song from the compilation Trouble In Mind Presents: Eindhoven 2015. Released in a limited run of vinyl (800 copies), the record also includes tracks from Ultimate Painting, Doug Tuttle, and The Soft Walls.

I love the weird synthesizers in Jacco’s song. It sounds like Serge Gainsbourg meets A Clockwork Orange; a combination I’m more than happy to listen to on repeat.

Jacco Gardner will be in Chicago on June 20th for a show at Beat Kitchen with Calvin Love. Tickets are $12 in advance, and can be found by clicking here.