California Wives-Heavy

There’s been a radical change in the music of California Wives on their new EP.  Art History was a breezy synth-pop record with lots of fun, dance-y tracks. Heavy hits a bit harder, with a darkness lingering around every corner. It’s a nice change up that shows they have a little more range than maybe we expected. I loved Art History a lot, but I’m prepared to say that Heavy is a better overall listen.

In only 15 minutes of music, Jayson Kramer and co. give us all the emotion of a full-length condensed into four songs. The highlight for me is the final track “Over & Over,” in which the band strips away all their fancy tricks for a desperate plea for forgiveness. They fill the final seconds with a big guitar and drum splash that keeps getting bigger as the ripples go away in the distance.

There wasn’t much leading up to this EP, and then it just kind of got released quietly on Bandcamp. I hope you’ll take 15 minutes to go give it a listen because it is well worth your time.

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