No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service-An Evening With July Talk

With Mumford & Sons playing to 30,000+ near Montrose Beach, a small collective of music fans got together at Beat Kitchen to enjoy one of the best rock and roll shows you can hope to see. July Talk wrapped up their North American tour in the Windy City, and went out with a mighty roar.

Before the first song ended Leah had already ripped Peter’s white shirt open, leaving his bare chest visible for the entire night. She had a wardrobe malfunctioned her own: her $5 shoes came apart and she threw them into the audience. The crowd screamed with joy and danced to tracks “Summer Dress” and “Guns & Ammunition,” as well as a couple new tunes that might make it on the follow-up to their self-titled record.

Later in the show Leah asked for either her shoes back or some shoes from the audience to properly perform a song. The crowd responded and she was promptly hit square in the nose by someone’s sneaker. Without missing a beat she said, “That’s why you don’t throw shoes.” Peter was quick to back up her claim that anything thrown in her direction has a high probablilty of hurting her in the face.

The highlight of the show was probably “Paper Heart,” which saw opener Purple’s drummer/singer Hannah Brewer join the band. July Talk’s ability to keep the energy at 11 for a full hour is impressive and exhausting. By the end of the set you’re almost hoping it’s over just to give your body a rest from the constant movement in the crowd.

They’re honestly one of the best live acts around right now. Their tour is over, but they’ll be back on the road soon-they don’t seem like homebodies. Make sure you catch them the next time they come around.

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