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One-Sentence Reviews: 6/30/2015


Kacey Musgraves-Pageant Material: Miss Congeniality 3 Red Solo Heels

Muse-Drones: Matt Bellamy’s songwriting will never improve

Jeff Bridges-Sleeping Tapes: I wish all my dreams sounded this good

Thundercat-The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam: In heaven, Thundercat is on bass.

Third Eye Blind-Dopamine: Stephan Jenkins finally “Graduate”s-into middle age

Florence And The Machine-How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful: How Boring, How Uninspired, How Void Of Life

Jamie xx-In Color: More like Jamie zzzzz (thanks to Sam for letting me use this one)

The Vaccines-English Graffiti-They had to hit a slump eventually.

Brandon Flowers-The Desired Effect: Flowers’ solo work reminds me how great the other guys in The Killers are

The Tallest Man On Earth-Dark Bird Is Home: Definitely his weakest album yet, but it’s not terrible

Desaparecidos-Payola: It’s been over a decade since their last album, but they don’t miss a beat

Nate Reuss-Grand Romantic: Hit skip and carry on

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