Talib Kweli at 80/35

“Y’all ready for Talib Kweli?!?!?!?” This was the refrain from the dj in between dropping bits and pieces from tracks like Dr Dre’s “The Next Episode” and Kanye’ “Golddigger.” After what seemed like a long time, Kweli finally appeared behind the stage and made his way to the front. This was my third time seeing Talib, and it never gets old.

His live persona is funny, charismatic, and ambitious. He never misses an opportunity to sell himself on stage, and the crowd is buying at every turn. He talked about his website kweliclub.com, about the new album of rarities and b-sides he just put out yesterday, and of course he mentioned Gravitas. In between sales pitches he spit some verses that were fantastic.

The great thing about seeing Kweli with a dj versus a band is that he’s constantly changing it up. They’ll be in the middle of a song and he’ll just say “Hold on cut the music!” and then go on to something else. It’s so bizarre?”, but it works.

I didn’t stay for the whole set because I had to get back to the other stage for Wilco, but what I saw was all good.

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