Brazilian 2wins at 80/35

Let me tell you, Des Moines was hungry today my friends. Not the kind of hunger that could be quelled with a quick trip to Taco John’s for a six pack and a pound either. This is the kind of hunger that grows deep in your soul, often without even realizing, and it waits to be released. The best way to let it go, as the people of Des Moines learned today, is through song.

I didn’t know Brazilian 2wins before today, but I assure you I will never forget them. They learned English listening to pop music, and their love for the form shines through in their performance. Even though they’re doing covers, the feeling is one of joy and excitement. When they say “We’re gonna play a new one,” you know it’s a song you’ve heard before and it doesn’t matter. They make it fresh and command your attention even if you’ve heard it a million times (like they did today with “Uptown Funk”).

I can’t recommend these guys enough. It’s a total party from start to finish and they have just as much fun as the audience does. Go see them if you get a chance!

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