Wilco at 80/35


Wilco brought their 20th anniversary tour to the people of Des Moines at 80/35, and like every other stop along the way they did not disappoint. Playing a mix of hits off Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born, and deep cuts you’ll only find on the recent rarities album, the set featured enough change ups to keep even the biggest fans guessing.
“Shouldn’t Be Ashamed” off the band’s debut record A.M. was a bit of a surprise. I’ve seen them play it before, but I don’t think they do it too often. One I could have probably done without is “Secret Of The Sea” from the Mermaid albums with Billy Bragg. It’s a fine song, but after hearing it twice over a couple days when Wilco did 6 shows at The Riv in December, I’ve had enough.

That one little blip could never tarnish the rest of the show. A show that featured the 1-2 punch of “Heavy Metal Drummer” and “I’m The Man Who Loves You” back to back, the alternate version of “Kamera,” and a great take on “Via Chicago.”

Nels was beastly on the guitar, as usual. Right off the bat you could tell he was in the zone, his hands like blurs running up and down the neck of his axe. I stood right in front of him for most of my allotted time in the pit, and I really wish I hadn’t had to take pictures during that time.

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