Pony Boy-“Metal Dreams” Video


It’s been at least three years since I first mentioned Marchelle Bradanini’s Pony Boy in the pages of this blog. There have been a couple releases, a video here and there since then. Now she’s announced her first full-on LP, and Black Book debuted the official video for the first single. Blue Gold is due out August 26th, so hopefully we’ll get to hear a couple more tracks from it before then. I’ve been a fan for a long while, and trying to get a show together so Chicago can get on board (unsuccessfully so far), so I’m really pleased that this new album may also bring a nationwide tour instead of her usual stops in Nashville, LA, and Australia.

The video for “Metal Dreams” is a noirish journey through a night in Los Angeles. It matches up well with the song, which could double as the school song for Twin Peaks High School in the upcoming third season of the Lynch/Frost series. The music is haunting and hazy, like the moments late at night when you’re not quite asleep but not really awake.

Can’t say enough how much I’m looking forward to getting a substantial release with more than a few songs from Pony Boy. Perhaps even a vinyl release. It’s being put out by Cosmic Thug Records-a new label cofounded by Bradanini, Adam Landry, and sometimes player for Chicago/Nashville band The Buddies Justin Collins (producer for Diamond Rugs, Deer Tick, Middle Brother). Please enjoy the below picture of Justin, where I think he looks like a young Eric Roberts-and I’ve told him as much. He doesn’t quite agree.


Check out some more of Pony Boy’s music on Soundcloud, even though it’s the devil.