Natalie Prass at Pitchfork 2015

Downtown is a mess today. Ambulances, police cars, fire trucks…they’re everywhere. So getting to Union Park on time was a bit of a challenge. Ended up getting in about ten minutes late and missed a couple tracks. I got here in time to catch “My Baby Don’t Understand Me,” which is what I really wanted to hear. Her debut album is excellent, but that’s THE song if there is such a thing.

Her set was a lot like the record: quiet, beautiful, fun. Her voice showed no signs of hoarseness, just as lilting and lush as it is on the album. Her backing band played it close to the vest, lighting up only when the song called for it. Simple and laid back, as they should be.

Upset I ended up missing some of it, but really happy with what I saw. A great start to the weekend for music fans.

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