Tobias Jesso jr at Pitchfork


“We’ll try to keep it down for Panda Bear.” That’s just one of many great pieces of audience banter from Tobias Jesso jr, who I assumed would be much more introverted on stage. He complained that he thought he sounded “warbly,” amd stated that his piano sounded like shit. The crowd disagreed, of course, and he quickly changed his tune.   He stuck to songs off his debut LP, currently in my top 5 albums of the year. “How Could You Babe” was an audience favorite and included some fan-requested “sexy sax” solos. Closer “Hollywood” sounded even better live than it does on vinyl.

The girls from Haim showed up just before the set started and I expected that meant what’s-her-name would make an appearance since she plays on the record. She did not, which was fine by me. It was a short but great set. I definitely look forward to seeing him in the future.

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