Waxahatchee Wails At Pitchfork

“We would’ve never written that song if not for Kathleen Hanna…or this one.” That was Katie Crutchfield imploring the audience for her band to leave the green stage and hit the blue for The Julie Ruin’s set across the park. The words were sincere, but no one heeded her call as they were already enjoying the tunes provided by Waxahatchee.

A little louder than on record, the band exploded through songs from the great new album Ivy Tripp as well as previous record Cerulean Salt. Like most of the bands here, spirits were high on stage which transferred out into the audience. Despite huge sections of the park destroyed by yesterday’s torrential downpour, revelers were more than happy to dance and get a little dirty with the Alabama native and her touring band.

The heat isn’t quite as bad as it’s been here in Chicago, but Crutchfield and co. made sure everyone got nice and sweaty.

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