My Favorite Photos From Pitchfork 2015


I don’t consider myself a “concert photographer.” I’m not touring with bands, doing album covers and press photos. And I’m sure as hell not making any money at it. I go to a lot of shows and write reviews that need photos, so I take them. If Kari is at the show, she’ll take them because she’s a much better photographer than I am. That said, I’m not horrible at documenting a concert, and I’ve learned how to make decent pictures look pretty good. I still stumble sometimes or put the wrong setting on the camera for what I’m doing, but more often than not I get at least a handful of useable material.

We both had photo passes to Pitchfork this year, so I got in there and made the best of it. The photo pits at festivals are a madhouse. They crowd 40 or 50 of you into an enclosed space and say “Ok you have the first three songs to get all the pictures you can.” It’s a free-for-all, but it can be fun. Especially if you get something good.

Below find my favorite photos from Pitchfork that I took (I’ll do another one later with Kari’s top pics so that the editing styles match up better)