Bigjoy-Stay Away True Woman


Bigjoy‘s final show with their current lineup is going to be this Thursday, August 6th, at The Hideout. Bass player Sean Christopherson is moving on to pursue other things, so this should be one not to miss. And they’ll be playing tunes off their most recent LP-Stay Away True Woman, the better of the bands two releases so far.

The record is a garage rocker full of fuzzy guitars, heavy drums, and imperfect vocals. There’s no attempt to be anything they’re not. The songs never overstay their welcome and the sound is consistent throughout the 7 tracks. There are certainly some better than others, though. I think the highlight for me is “Wide Awake.” It builds for a bit before it explodes and then shrinks and builds again.

If you were into bands like Hot, Hot Heat or The Vines, I think you’ll enjoy the songs on Stay Away True Woman as well. It does feel a bit like a throwback, but in the best possible way. You can check out the whole thing on Bandcamp.

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