El Vy-Return To The Moon (Video)

Maybe Matt Berninger isn’t as boring as I thought he was. Perhaps it’s just my weariness with The National’s decision to repeat themselves over and over again. With his new project, El Vy, Berninger seems to be re-energized. The tandem he creates with Brent Knopf isn’t a huge departure from the bittersweet sounds of Brooklyn’s saddest hip band, but it’s enough of a change that I’ll be looking forward to the full album that comes out October 30th.

The sly wit of the lead singer is still evident here. He delivers a great line (that you don’t have to wonder about because it’s a lyric video!) where he sings, “Bought a saltwater fish from a colorblind witch cause she said she loved it. Couldnt tell her the part that would break her heart, but it loved me.”

Check out the full song below and read the full post originally posted on npr.org 

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