Marrow Will Bring The Gold Standard To Subterranean 8/19/2015


I had the good fortune to catch Marrow open for Wilco back in December when Chicago’s favorite sons did a six-night residency at The Vic with a different local opener every night. Liam Cunningham, singer/guitarist for Marrow, is also a part of Tweedy’s touring band for his project with his drumming son Spencer. I can honestly say that there was no nepotism involved in Marrow getting that opening slot though, because they are a really good band deserving of a larger audience. They’re putting out a new album called The Gold Standard in a little under a month and I’m telling you now, set some money aside because you’re gonna want to hear it over and over without using all your phone data.

Next week the band will bring their talents to SubT (click that link for tix) for a show with another great Chicago band, Oshwa, and headliners hailing from Louisiana Moon Honey. It should be a fun night, so make sure you’re there. Marrow isn’t afraid to get a little weird, so things could get a little crazy. And all the members played on the Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment record, so who knows? Maybe Chance The Rapper will come out for a surprise cameo (don’t bet on it though).

Here’s the title track from The Gold Standard. I don’t think it’s the BEST song on the album, but it does provide a really great introduction into what the band does with their sound. Check it out and if you like it grab your tickets to see them!

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