The 2015 Emmys: I Have Opinions

There’s a pretty great crop of nominees at this year’s Emmys, so I guess whoever it is that does the nominating did a good job. There’s also a lot of garbage that got nominated due to its popularity, for that I say SHAME! Whoever it is that makes Emmy nominations should feel embarrassed for themselves and the television community as a whole.

The Lead Actor and Actress in a comedy should be pretty easy. Everyone loves Julia Louis-Dreyfus so that’s a win for Veep. Transparent is the best show from last year overall, anchored by a funny and poignant performer by Jeffrey Tambor. If he loses to Matt LeBlanc I may never watch tv again (don’t worry I will watch tv again).

Drama is a little tougher because everyone here is really good. I think Hamm will win for Mad Men because he’s deserving and the show is over now. However, awards shows love the new blood so don’t be shocked if Bob Odenkirk wins for Better Call Saul. On the actress side I’d love to see Elisabeth Moss win, but it’ll probably be Taraji P. Henson’s award. I haven’t made it through a whole episode of Empire because it’s so mind numbingly bad, but I’ve always liked her.

In the supporting categories they’ve got some real battles going on. I like Gaby Hoffman and Tony Hale for comedy with Jonathan Banks and Uzo Aduba in dramas. I’m pulling for an Andre Braugher win, but his comedy is so dry on Brooklyn Nine-Nine it might not play to all voters.

I like all the shows in the Best Comedy Series category, but as I said Transparent was the best show overall last year so I can’t imagine it not winning this one. That’ll finally bring Modern Family’s streak to an end. Veep was good, but not as good as it’s been in the past and I don’t see voters rallying around Louie again.

Best Drama is a coin toss-I think Mad Men deserves to win, but that ending wasn’t great. Better Call Saul and House Of Cards could snag this one, but don’t count Game Of Thrones out just yet (unless you’re me, in which case Game Of Thrones is always counted out).

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