Fun Fun Fun Fest Day 2: Shamir, GZA, The Charlatans

Day 2 got off to a much better start than Day 1, despite the parking garage we used yesterday being closed. We made it in time to see Shamir Ratchet up the crowd with his ultrasonic pop. The rains delayed his start so we also got to see him just kinda hanging around the stage talking to people in the audience. He seems like a good kid, spending his 21st birthday performing here in Austin.

He had a band with him, drums and a couple keyboards anyway. More than I expected from someone who could essentially play to a backing track and be fine. It was a lot of fun, and you’d do well to check it out for yourself if you like to dance.

After that I hit the Yellow stage for a talk by Wu-Tang’s GZA. It was short, but interesting. He talked about the early days of Wu and their interest in science and Chinese philosophy. He comes off well, sweet and intelligent both in high amounts.


He ended his talk with a poem.

I ran into some Brits that were excited to see The Charlatans and Ride. Literally, only them. So I imagine they were pumped when the britpop band came on just after the rain ended. Modern Nature is a good album, and they mixed up the new with the old for a good festival set.

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