Schoolboy Q and Churches at Fun Fun Fun Fest

I caught a few minutes of Cheap Trick and then headed over to see Schoolboy Q. He did essentially the same set I saw last year at Pitchfork. Still great, but he was complaining that he was tired of playing the same songs. He did say that this performance was his last before hitting the studio for the next record, so maybe next time he won’t have to play “Man Of The Year.”

Before his set I saw the last two songs by Rae Sremmurd. They put on a fun show, but it reminded me a bit of seeing Nelly in the early 2000’s with the St Lunatics-way too many people on stage not doing anything.

Once I got fed up with stoned white kids freaking out over Schoolboy, I hit the Orange Stage to see Chvrches. When Lauren Mayberry said “This one’s off our first album,” a girl behind me replied “Good.” Their new album was disappointing to me as well, but their stage production made the set fun.