A Day Of Thanks (Which Is Tomorrow But We’ll All Be Busy)

2015 has been a weird year. Despite  hearing what I think is a lot of music, there have been huge gaps where I can’t listen to anything new that have lasted a few days to a few weeks. Either due to personal stuff or work, it’s meant way fewer posts and for that I apologize. On our national day of thanks, please know that I will be forever grateful for everyone who has ever checked out this site or muttered a half-assed compliment about it. 

The main purpose of this site is to keep myself entertained. If I weren’t writing about music here I’d be scribbling it in notebooks until someone committed me. If you read my reviews or appreciate my opinion, thank you. It’s nice to know that I’m providing some service. I’ve made a lot of friends through this endeavor, got to meet some amazing musicians, hung out in a recording studio and watched magic happen…so many things that would have never happened otherwise. I’m a lucky human and it’s because of all of you.

I think this year I’ve come a long way with my concert photography. I have to thank Kari for that. Basically she figures out how to do things and then dumbs it down so a five-year old can understand it and then after a month or so I finally get it. Her pictures are always better than mine, but at least in her absence I can produce something acceptable. My pictures from Pitchfork (especially of Chance The Rapper) came out really good and are easily my best work yet.


So thanks for reading. If you like my stuff, amd I hope you do, be sure to check out the social media outlets. I try to post different things to each one so you don’t just see the same thing 3 or 4 times. @music_defined on twitter and instagram. Facebook link is on this page.

Thanks! Have a great day with your family/friends/volunteering at a soup kitchen/alone watching Netflix. 
Here are a few random things I’m thankful for this year:


Indoor plumbing

Dave Grohl gifs

Sea salt caramel Bailey’s and Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix

Ezra Furman

Dr Pepper

Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes

IPod classic still going strong after 7 years

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