The Future Laureates Look To The Past At Bottom Lounge

After many reassurances over the last week or so, The Future Laureates have made it clear that they are not breaking up. Rather, the time has come to try some new things as individuals and live a life free from the burdens of being in a band-at least for a little while. After 8 years of making music together, one could certainly understand the desire for some change. So Friday night’s show at Bottom Lounge wasn’t a “farewell” concert, it was a goodbye for now.

It was a fun night. The main trio of Matt Daigler, Danny Surico, and James Hyde were joined by a rotating combo of musicians they’ve played with over the years. Some, like Joe Haggenjos and Kristina Priceman, I was very familiar with. Others, like Dan Lieber and Khalfani Myrick, I had no knowledge of at all. I suppose when you start a band in college and then move to a big city to continue your journey, you end up working with a lot of talented people. While they had different musicians on stage with them pretty much every other song, the vibe never changed which makes me think The Future Laureates have stayed true to their original vision for the band.

The setlist was a trip through memory lane, with songs going all the way back to the band’s earliest days. One in particular, “Polyphemus,” was said to have not been played live in six years. Also, they say it’s a big hit in Literature classrooms. They did a couple others off that first EP, three from the latest Here & After, a couple from the other releases, plus a couple great covers (especially if you dig Dawes and Tracy Chapman).

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a band you’ve enjoyed for years. I’ve had to do it many times over the course of writing here. So I’m glad to know that The Future Laureates will be back at some point, and I’ll be even happier when that day comes.