The Besnard Lakes-The Plain Moon (Video)

I saw The Besnard Lakes live at Maintenance Shop in Ames, Iowa way back in 2007. I was a big fan of their record Are The Dark Horse, which was a surprise because it didn’t sound like anything else I was listening to at the time. I was a little disappointed by their set, which was highlighted by an impromptu blues jam when a piece of equipment broke and they had to stall until it was repaired.

Since then I’ve kind of gone away from their music, but I’m happy to know that they’ve been gaining momentum again. Their new record, A Coliseum Complex Museum, is due out on Friday and sounds closer to the music I enjoyed 8 years ago.

The video for “Plain Moon” isn’t the greatest video in the world, but it does the trick. The images match up well with the drone-y, atmospheric, nothing-too-specific vibe of the tune.

The band have a few North American dates lined up between now and their UK/European tour in March. Check out full dates on their website, and hear the full album early on NPR.

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