Man Called Noon-The Bad Guy

Man Called Noon is a Chicago-based rock octet long on talent and creativity. Their new record, The Bad Guy, features some really fun tracks with a danceable beat and great instrumental work. The melodies are very pop-friendly, so you could compare them to bands like Maroon 5 (Maroon 8 in this case), or The Lumineers (except MCN is good), and you wouldn’t be too far off.

The Bad Guy comes out almost exactly two years after their last release, Edge Of The Night. The latter was built on a lot of great energy and talent, which makes for a fun listen. The new one focuses more on craft and dynamics. Both are well done, but I’ll take well-constructed tunes over pretty much anything else, and The Bad Guy has them in spades.

From the dirty bass line that opens the record, you know you’re in for a good time. Tony Giamichael delivers his lyrics with an earnestness that makes you want to come along for the ride. The band also provide some great musical references for you so it feels a little familiar (check out the “Oye Como Va” drums on “Hold On”).

The Bad Guy is a record that gets better on repeat listens, but also gets better as you’re listening. Song by song it gets stronger, all the way to the end. “Born To Want More” starts off like one of Matchbox 20 (Twenty?)’s popular ballads, but shifts gears to finish on a satisfying upbeat rock vibe.

The record is up for stream and purchase over on Bandcamp. You can catch Man Called Noon headlining House Of Blues on Friday January 29th with Band Called Catch, Burnside & Hooker, Big Wig Mechanic, and Leo Kidd.

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