Christopher The Conquered-I’m Not That Famous Yet (EP)

Chris Ford is poised to drop an album I already have penciled in as best of 2016 in a couple months. But first, he’s teasing out a few songs to introduce Christopher The Conquered to the public at large. Many probably haven’t heard his brilliant Fate Of A Good Man record. Or seen him perform, which is a must if you enjoy his music. He’s found a formula in his songs that can cure the soul from any ailment-heartache, loss…he can even make the sun shine on an otherwise gloomy day.

Three of the four songs you’ll find on I’m Not That Famous Yet appear on the full-length, with “God Plays The Tenor Saxophone” the only one not repeated. I think Chris made the right choices with these songs, as each gives you a glimpse of different things he can do.

“What’s The Name Of The Town” is the storyteller at work-Jim Croce for the new millennium, if you will. A very fine tune stripped down to just the piano and vocals, here the electric guitar and strings  really make it soar.

The dynamic shifts to a more honkytonk jam on “God Plays The Tenor Saxophone.” It’s a bit like some of Elton John’s more rollicking tunes from the 70’s, and it blasts off to Heaven when the sax solo comes in. If you’re looking for a song to get the party started, look no further.

“On My Final Day” is the ballad of the EP, but it doesn’t get bogged down in the usual sadness of songs about death. It’s more about acceptance and doing the best you can while you’re around. The bebop jazz rhythm in the final verse really changes the feel as he sings “I waited around to find out how it’s done, but the only thing I learned was which way to run so, there won’t be much to say on my final day-ay-ay.” Then the chorus of voices rejoins him and it lifts you up like only great music can.

The solo version of “I’m Not That Famous Yet” is a nice treat to close the EP, and a stark contrast from the version on the full-length. If nothing else, it puts it all on Christopher’s voice and piano and you get to hear how skilled he is in both areas. The last minute or so of the song could be a masterclass in breath control and pitch.

You can hear I’m Not That Famous Yet on Spotify right now, and keep an eye out for I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll coming soon!