Valentine’s Love Fest

In past years I’ve always made a playlist of songs that I thought fit with the Valentine’s Day celebration. This year, I’ve decided to do a list of films instead, since there aren’t enough good love songs coming out every year to necessitate a new list. So here are some things you can watch with your boo/bae/significant other.

The Philadelphia Story: Cary Grant as the ex-husband and  Jimmy Stewart as the young reporter falling for Katherine Hepburn on her wedding day. Very funny, very romantic film from George Cukor. Plus some abuse humor that would never fly in today’s Hollywood.

My Best Friend’s Wedding: Easily the best rom-com Julia Roberts ever made. As longtime pals, Roberts and Dermot Mulrooney (or Dylan McDermott? I don’t remember) never thought they’d end up together. But as his wedding draws near, they discover what they always wanted was right in front of them all along. Rupert Everett became a star for about 2 minutes after this one came out.

If those are a little too traditional for you, maybe something like A Life Less Ordinary is more your speed: A little levity for Danny Boyle after the 1-2 punch of Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, this is his third film with Ewan McGregor. There are oddities galore in this one, but my favorite is probably McGregor singing “Beyond The Sea.”

Legend tends to get a bad wrap from some who think it’s a low point for Ridley Scott. I disagree whole-heartedly. It’s a fine love story that takes place in a fantasy land where darkness and light are in a constant battle. Young Tom Cruise has to save his love Mia Sara from the Dark Lord played with devilish glee by Tim Curry.

Waitress is a sadly overlooked little movie featuring the best performance Keri Russel has given in her career. Jeremy Sisto as her horrible husband and Nathan Fillion as the new doctor in town who might mend Russel’s broken heart. Andy Griffith’s final great role. Plus some delicious looking pies. Also a nice reminder of the kinds of films we might still be getting from Adrienne Shelly had her life not been taken around the time of the release.

Some others I would consider, though you’ve probably seen them already: Braveheart, Casablanca, (500) Days Of Summer, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Love Actually, Once, Moulin Rouge, Before Sunrise, Comet, and of course, Say Anything.