Craig Finn-“Screenwriters School”


Just a few months after releasing the critically acclaimed album Faith In The Future, Craig Finn is back with a new version of his EP Newmyer’s Roof (released last year via his PledgeMusic campaign) featuring a couple bonus tracks. “Screenwriters School” is dark and brooding, a little bit Lou Reed in atmosphere. The saxophone and electronic beats are a nice touch. As is the single note piano key that closes the track.

It’s certainly nothing like Finn’s band The Hold Steady. I like that he’s branching out into other forms of music other than rock, and he’s doing it quite well. He’s like the electronic Springsteen here, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Finn is on the road with Titus Andronicus through March (and I believe again in May). You can find all tour dates on his Facebook page. The extended EP is out this Friday on Partisan Records.

I’ll leave you with this-Finn’s version of the Titus track “No Future,” part of their split single celebrating the tour.


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