Live Review: Tancred at Subterranean 3/6/2016

An early all ages show that started a half hour before I thought is usually a recipe for disaster. I somehow managed to get there just before the first band finished up and made my way through the already size able crowd to a spot I thought would work for photos (it didn’t really). A much younger crowd than I’m used to, it was fun to see the enthusiasm they had for the early groups, not just the headliner, Foxing. I wasn’t able to stay for the whole gig, but I got to see all of Tancred‘s set which was very good.

They played a bunch of songs off their new record, which comes out next month on Ployvinyl. It’s a cool lo-fi garage rock sound, not unlike some other female-fronted bands like Honeyblood and Slothrust. Now, Now‘s Jess Abbott seemed a little happier than I expected given the photos they have on their Facebook page-I expected a bit of a goth and instead got someone not shy about whipping out Ted Cruz jokes (and admitting that she made the same joke the night before).


The band was tight. Pretty simple guitar/bass/drum setup, but they were able to sound a lot bigger. The drummer was out of my vision most of the time, but he was really ripping the sticks something fierce. And yet, it wasn’t overbearing as it can be in smaller venues. The mix was well done, so kudos to the sound guy.

They did play one older song, which I wasn’t familiar with but a lot of the crowd seemed to know. Overall the audience seemed very happy with the set, as was I. I’d only heard the single, which is available on Spotify.

Really looking forward to hearing the rest of the record when it comes out!

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