Song Premiere-“All Your CDs” by The All-About

I’ve been a fan of Zac Coe’s music project The All-About for a few years now. It’s been almost three years since his last full-length, Suburban Heart, was released. On April 1st he is putting out the long-awaited follow-up Be Safe Goodbye. We’ve been talking about the record for a while now, and he was nice enough to let me premiere a song for you here.

I was excited about “All Your CDs” because it’s a lot different than his older songs. It still finds Zac and Gabby Ambrosio melting hearts with their harmonies, but there’s a country tinge to this album. The pedal steel on this track is phenomenally played by Jules Belmont, and Tom Shad throws in some mandolin to really hit that sound they were going for.

I’ll let Zac tell you a little more about it:

Although I think everybody has since moved on to the more specific and sinister evils of the digital age, there was a time a few years ago when all you heard about was the danger of cell phones and text messaging–how my generation was going to lack the skills to build meaningful interpersonal relationships because we were communicating around the clock in these tiny fragments of text. “All Your CDs” is a song about the opposite of that phenomenon, where a cell phone enables you to be in touch 24/7 in the very beginning stages of a romance, and your phone becomes a device whose sole purpose is to stay connected to that one person and nobody else.

I didn’t want to use any synths on this album, and we tried to let the music breathe a bit more in the studio. This song has some of my favorite playing from the musicians on the record–JR Atkins plays a beautiful guitar solo, Oliver’s bass playing is smooth as ever, and Devin Calderin’s piano and organ remind me a lot of the instrumentation on ‘Blonde On Blonde.’